Ardley Island (informally known as "Ardley" only) is a town in an island in the same name nicknamed the "Town of Towns", since it was actually 4 different towns respectively before it was united as one. Despite being a town, the town itself is often mistakened as smaller towns that are actually districts of the area.

Before the refugees came, Ardley Island was a barren and rocky place, covered with patches of snow. Unlike the other islands, Ardley Island had no penguin colonies or a significant population of any of its subspecies, and was known as a really monotonous island. The first people setting foot on the land are actually refugees, despite its close distance with what was then the Great Wall station itself. The first people landed here after rowing a canoe for most of the day.

The first people who set foot there was just a small group, but since one of them was a former cartographer, he gave an idea to name the island, Monotonous Isle, but was then chnaged to Monisle, to shorten the term. It was official, but then it was changed again, one year later to "Ardley Island", which is a corrupted term of the English word "hardly", since the island hardly grows any sort of life in it.

These are the districts of the town:

Causeway Point: The point closest to the mainland, and is where the bridge to the mainland is located at (Villa Las Estrallas Causeway and Bridge). Named after the causeway leading to Las Estrallas Town, and the point of the cape (named as Cape Kozweg), which was the site of a historic lighthouse, the first building in the district, now demolished. Famous for the theme park, Newfairs Ocean Park.

Codtucket: This coastal district is a portmanteau of Cape Cod and Nantucket, both coastal Massachusetts place, famous for their fishing industry, perhaps one of the best out of the state's coast. Named after one of the refugees, coming from Massachusetts, supposedly. Famous for the piers, and authentic shops that is spread throughout the whole district.

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